Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sean Gallagher - 4 poems

Anodyne - Off​-​World Blues (Noumen 'Old Trees Gospel’ Remix)

Bil Sabab's AztecCode Introduction

Truck's August driver

Please welcome Volodymyr Bilyk, who will be at the wheel of Truck during the month of August.

And many thanks go to Matt Margo for all of July.

Truck's editors/drivers past, present and future as of Aug. 1, 2015


Volodymyr Bilyk


Sept. 2015 -- Stephen Vincent
Oct. 2015 -- Maxianne Berger
Nov. 2015 -- Alexander Jorgensen
Dec. 2015 -- Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

Jan. 2016 -- Michael Rothenberg
Feb. 2016 -- C. L. Bledsoe
Mar. 2016 -- Paul Sampson
Apr. 2016 -- Lynda Schor
May 2016 -- 
June 2016 -- Joanna Howard
July 2016 -- Robert Archambeau
Aug. 2016 -- Lori Horvitz
Sept. 2016 -- Tero Hannula
Oct. 2016 -- Laura Young
Nov. 2016 -- 
Dec. 2016 -- Philip Garrison


Apr. 2011 -- Kate Schapira

May 2011 -- Wendy Battin
June 2011 -- Frank Parker
July 2011 --  Skip Fox
Aug. 2011 -- Ken Wolman
Sept. 2011 -- Michael Tod Edgerton
Oct. 2011 -- Kelly Cherry
Nov. 2011 -- Andrew Burke
Dec. 2011 -- Lewis LaCook

Jan. 2012 --  Larissa Shmailo

Feb. 2012 -- Gerald Schwartz
Mar. 2012 -- Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Apr. 2012 -- Lynda Schor
May 2012 -- David Graham
June 2012 -- Lars Palm
July 2012 --  Elizabeth Switaj
Aug. 2012 --  rob mclennan
Sept. 2012 -- Georgios Tsangaris
Oct. 2012 -- Douglas Barbour
Nov. 2012 -- Dirk Vekemans 
Dec. 2012 -- Erik Rzepka

Jan. 2013 -- Alan Britt
Feb. 2013 -- Mark Weiss
Mar. 2013-- Mary Kasimor
Apr. 2013-- John M. Bennett
May 2013-- Orchid Tierney
June 2013--Victoria Marinelli
July 2013 -- Volodymyr Bilyk
Aug. 2013 -- David Howard
Sept. 2013 -- Philip Meersman
Oct. 2013 -- Chris Lott
Nov. 2013 -- Alexander Cigale
Dec. 2013 -- Catherine Daly

Jan. 2014 -- Maria Damon
Feb. 2014 -- John Oughton
Mar. 2014 -- Colin Morton and MaryLee Bragg
Apr. 2014 -- Alan Sondheim
May 2014 -- Glenn Bach
June 2014 -- Bill Pearlman
July 2014 -- Edgar Gabriel Silex
Aug. 2014 -- Jerry McGuire
Sept. 2014 -- Karri Kokko
Oct. 2014 -- Márton Koppány
Nov. 2014 -- Anny Ballardini
Dec. 2014 -- Chris Lott

Jan. 2015 -- Marc Vincenz
Feb. 2015 -- mIEKAL aND
Mar. 2015 -- Eileen Tabios
Apr. 2015 -- Crag Hill
May 2015 -- Rudolfo Carrillo
June 2015 -- Gwyn McVay
July 2015 -- Matt Margo

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Peter Ganick and billy bob beamer: An Excerpt from an Experiential/Experimental Dialogue, Untitled

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o'rioTsnmelodystreamingsunstarwi ndope rch

a l   e  r    l e   s  h  i  n  h e n    t     h     e       t     m  e  l    i s a l s
r   o    u     n   f   a   l       l v    o    I   c   e  s  y   r   f   d   r  e  a   m   y
c             e    e                    e                    e             e    e             l      e
t            o           m            e          t          e           a        k
r   i   n     g I  r   e   o    n       m  a  d  e    f  w     t    h       o  o  f     S    a  v
s  h  l e   t     h i  n  r    e a l   o     e        t      h      e  l s m  e  l    a l s
m     e     t     n     e      a        k
r   a  d  o  r   e   i   c      o      t     e    f  m   n    g   o    f  S   a  v
e    l      w    h          e                 e

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sica muCic   melody MiN    gfla

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mets lob ber waitlip
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lu[n]g] ne[ck 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Carey Scott Wilkerson: A Poem

Forensic Cycloid
After Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book VIII

Falls then a clown into
his own disputed account

as who among those plummeting
will have seen in oceans

                        or is held to some proof
                        and is a marking a numeric is

                        plane in partitions a translation
                        top to indicative bottom

putative asymptotes driven
reflexively, un-mappably down

through appositives of ritual clôtures
calumnies of vertiginous descent

                        speaking as drifts plainly
                        to opening as encircles
                        recast as none as spirals
                        out probable names and binds
if for whatever will finally
trace the knot is an excluded middle

of speculative bird motifs
pinions in rhetorical imposture

                        given as are outlines looping
                        a causal body a premise a vector

                        outward plurals and convections
                        if a duplicaction a precipitious end

so too are known coordinates
to spill from rubric containments

their imputed and lurid geometries
parabolically, indecorously up

Monday, July 27, 2015

John Pursch: A Poem

Ape Rehab Blinkin’

She had reached the penultimate turnstile,
beyond which loomed the gaunt felicitous face
of eponymous cocktails,
galas hex toroidal Nair,
bespectacled deities of pall bearer tundra,
extreme meridian psychosis,
implantation ordeals on abductee gorilla feet,
fleeing cadaver police,
numb chelated lozenge lovers,
rodeo encampment festivals,
torn tendrils of timely schlep machinists,
favoritism on iced vesicles of gunny sack hovercraft
in seamlessly cordoned mendicant woes,
bottled pocket saddle soap
on tiny raider earwig contraption pulleys,
wigged-out offhand mercury retorts,
spilt Venusian broadband isomers,
card room cataracts of flushly canned pencil imposters,
serial effacement boatswains,
loudly auspicious crowd erection straps,
paltry reminiscences of wild shoot creameries
and dappled eyesore soup replays…

“Shiny hortatory dime drivelers,
surviving Cinderella plaudit employment bilge
at toned times the screed of pounded shamble shanty tombs,
drowning trebled crates of buggy totem alimony skiffle
and bedridden terriers on sluiced paragon wax cannons,”
unzipped LL-25 from slowly passing overhead bifurcation
of pure temporal toss pot,
vehicular booty shore.

“Lookie fur a falsie echo of landing pattern
blue boy bayou ritual entourage acceptance wheel,”
she conned timidly,
coyly wan mired Imogene,
as spatially as any alarmingly desiccated dignitary
might spitefully reject,
given graven cravings for graveyard gravy
gallivanter galleon-go-lucky spice dream quadrature
of chosen flapping pie or suction figurine
or terminated torpor argot.

Kabuki Clem he tossed in
a certain prepositional torpedo tarp,
daubed with fresh acidic truncheon wishes
(culled from pages of highway minds,
bullion of tilled creation myths,
strayed outa the brains of luridly lured
and summarily abandoned pipsqueak population bombs),
and stammered in caloric upshot’s knife-edged glide
of slashed doorway look-around leer:

“Ketosis crammed ‘em into my crude carbolic playpen,
wedged for goodly cinder wills
till Dearth dost they hallways deport,
headed honey swan-way drip
to hookah canoes swear,
eye reconnoiter,”
kinda murmuring a solid burbling mumble
down old-time radio address of
Hefty Arse, Ape Rehab Blinkin’,
Crankin’ Stiletto Hoser Felt,
Psyched Icing Hour, JFK-17,
Cow Fin Leakage, Hobart Aft,
Swarmin’ Cheese Farting,
Itchy Hill Mouse Klaxon,
Hairiest Mutant, Rude Woe Whistlin’,
Theoretically Odoriferous Rooster Felt,
the Professional Wrestler and Married Hand,
hearing Gully Gun’s Sighing Landing Patina Blues

(broadcast from the Blurred Blank Studios
for the wholly unexpectedly abrupt and filially final
feral frugivorously foxtrotting time,
cloning in looped and clearly cast
to sedge furiously huffed sway locales as
Lacuna Peach, Trolling Pills,
Sam Harmonica, Same OhnoFred,
Redundant Bleach, Bongo Leach,
Married Pout, Musta Kissedher,
Blueport Niche, Pastadelta,
Aunt Harry O, Specific Palace Aides,
Hestwood, Sam Nerf Hand O’Folly,
Verbally Hills, El Bear, Dye A Pale Ray,
Moronic Old Car, …)

Spun shout,
threw haughty Lost Annulus bassinet,
resounding thatched famously phlegmed hole
with swirling swords of zwischenzug and zugzwang babies,
baking the slow-culled Burpee Boom scheme alike
sewn mulch dried potato breath,
chesty nutter cloned privation Ihadahoe,
heft ewe cadge mined grifter
(gruffly persnickety penumbral protuberances
be petrified in pied pejorative Plexiglas,
phoning fully flailed how perilously peripatetic
the lightning is getting).

Furious records swill hallways undulate
how fractious and stupor physically fossilized
the hauteur of this fading missive has become,
albeit becalmed by surgeons
(specific in colonnades and suppurating theaters
sneering at ewes, steer treater),
pet ovoid flurries of  hand-to-sand bombast
are mercifully trundling south of pavement,
diced to now jest futilely fulfill this sign of frozen sage.