Monday, December 22, 2014

Bruce Harris Bentzman

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Bruce Harris Bentzman

Bruce writes: Born in the Bronx, I have been orbiting the Sun since 1951. I grew up, but very slowly, mostly in the suburbs of Philadelphia. An average student whose academic education petered out about midway through college, I am inclined to regard myself an autodidact. Having succeeded in a second marriage, it was a package deal that included two kids who are now grown. They have since made me a grandfather. (I just taught my oldest grandson how to drive a stick shift.) Presently, I support this writing habit by a grant from AT&T, which they are calling a retirement pension. I was a Communications Technician. I still am, metaphorically. I am also a practicing Peripatetic Minister of Secular Humanism. My poems and stories have appeared in many online journals, many of them, but not all, are now defunct. They include: The Alsop Review, The Free Cuisenart, Gruene Street, In Vivo Magazine, The Morpo Review, Southern Ocean Review, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly, and The Blue Moon/Blue Moon Review. I presently write a monthly column called "From the Night Factory" for the poetry journal Snakeskin which I have been doing in one form or another for over fifteen years.

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Diana Magallon


"el tesoro" [click for expanded view]

Diana Magallón is an experimental artist. Her art has been published in Word for Word, eratio, Shampoo, On Barcelona, The New Postliterate, That Planet, Pittura senza frontiere, Fenamizah, etc.

She is the author of: Del oiseau et del ogre, Phellipa in Wolf, Bravísima Reseña, Fábulas furtivas.

About these works: these are free typograms made with light painting.

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Bill DiMichele

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass #2
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Through the Looking Glass #4
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Through the Looking Glass #5
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Through the Looking Glass #8
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i was drinking tea while my son and i were building a model car.  i put my glass down on a stack of papers.  when i reached for it, i was amazed to see alice come alive in my tea; i saw her go through the mirror; i saw seriously mad twisted poems; i saw the red king's dream and how it would annihilate us all. these things reminded me of how the gravity of a massive star bends letters, lines, words...and wonderland.